Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Off to Nigeria!

I'm sitting in Heathrow, just about to get on the plane lo Lagos. It is ment to be boiling there!! 33 C in the South but up to 45 C in the North! I'm going to melt... I just read on the guide: Do not travel to Nigeria in March or April! Great...

I'll tell you about it in a few weeks. Nigeria. Yeah!!!


  1. Hi Adela

    Travel safely. Enjoy Nigeria - and try to watch some football if possible... and please stop at the Su Chao Chinese Restaurant in Lagos if you get the chance. Possibly Nigeria's best Chinese food - and a welcome treat for the weary visitor.



  2. ¡Hola!
    Hoy te he visto por primera vez, en el documental sobre Creta, ¡sabía que no podías ser inglesa con esos ojos! Me ha gustado tu trabajo y el buen rollo que desprendes. Te mando un saludo desde Palma de Mallorca y te deseo mucha suerte en tus futuros trabajos.


  3. Your journey in turkey has just passed in France. I loved your explanations and your feelings. I will follow your travels thanks to your blog now!

    Bonne continuation

  4. ¡me flipa lo que haces!
    No dejes de actualizar este blog...

    Saludos :)