Sunday, 30 May 2010

Face your fears, live your dreams

Now and then we find out about people that leave everything behind and jump on a great adventure to pursue their dreams. That makes you judge your own life, stop and ask your self if you are doing the right thing. Should you maybe do the same?

Some people would say those "pursuers" are crazy, lonely birds, or maybe just lucky to have the freedom to do it. I recon almost everybody is able to change their life. Most of the time is just a matter of priorities and more than anything else, guts.

I’m sure, even the bravest and most adventurous souls feel scared before their trip. And by trip I mean travel, change of residence, work, lifestyle... Just a few seconds before jumping on board suddenly this fear hits you and you think "Is it worth it?", "Am I doing the foolest thing?", "What was I thinking?"

But this fear is just a sign that you are just about to cross the line of the limit you marked to yourself. But nothing stops you from raising your limit higher up. And then you´ll be moving comfortable in an area where you never imagined you would be. Sounds easy, but it requires a big effort.

In one way or another everybody raises their limits as you grow up. It is part of the process of maturing. Although some steps are bigger that others.

I’m just about to take one of those big steps. When I took the decision I felt scared, doubtful, weak... and again very scared. But if you look around, you find that there are plenty of people that have gone or are going through the same process. That made me feel accompanied in my trip and gave me strength.

One of those people is Kepa Acero. He has just started an amazing trip on his own that will take him to surf the five best waves in five continents. I’m sure he felt the same way as me before jumping on the plane. What he is doing is inspiring for me.