Sunday, 21 February 2010

Next destination... Nigeria!

The only thing I know about Nigeria at this moment is that I need 6 different vaccinations + Malaria drugs to go there... This doesn't make it very inviting... or maybe yes. That means it is a pretty unexplored destination, with some risks and where Nature is still pretty uncontrolled. Mmmmhhh... Nigeria, yes!

It is going to be the most hard core destination I've ever been to and I'm very excited about it. I'm off in about a month for my next Globe Trekker program. The producer already advised me there is some fighting now and then between Muslims and Christians in the country. In the Niger Delta, the interests of foreign large oil corporations such as Mobile, Shell, Chevron etc have resulted in immense poverty and environmental destruction. There for, tourists are a usual target for kidnappers in that region.

We will avoid the Niger Delta, but we can’t do much to prevent getting in the middle of a fight between Muslims and Christians, because it can happen anywhere at anytime. We will be guided by locals who know how to move around, so I’m pretty sure they will keep us safe.

Anyway, I think it is an English thing to be so preventive and protective with these kind of issues during a shoot. In Spain, we are a bit more adventurous and self confident. Maybe I should say unconscious? Probably yes. That is why I feel safe going to Nigeria with an English crew. Every risk has been measured and it will be avoided as much as possible.

I will start doing some research about Nigeria. I tried to find a guide book, but even Lonely Planet doesn’t have one because it is not a usual tourist destination at all. I don’t like going to a country without knowing anything about it. It is an opportunity to expand your knowledge and you understand things better if you have some background about the culture and history of it.

The good thing about not knowing much at this moment is that I don’t have many expectations nor an opinion about the Nigerians and their homeland. I hope my reading doesn’t change that. There is nothing worst than thinking you know everything about the place you’re going to.

Any advises?


  1. Hola, Adela! :)

    Soy un adicto a Globe-Trekker , Guias Pilot, etc. Todos los viernes, cuando llego de trabajar, mientras como, veo un capítulo. Hoy, al llegar a casa, echaban en la tele la guía de París. La verdad, esperaba encontrarme a Ian, a Megan, a Justine... pero de pronto... ¡Zas! apareciste tú. Y encima, después de "investigarte", además de descubrir que has hecho más km que el baúl de la Piquer, me entero... ¡¡¡de que eres española!!! Desde luego, al "Spanish Power" ya no se le resiste nada :))

    Sobre el consejo que pides, la verdad, nunca anduve por Nigeria, pero por lo que he leído, es un país muy densamente poblado y a pesar de los recursos naturales que tiene, la gente es muy pobre. Tanto, que cada dos por tres hay accidentes serios en los oleoductos, porque mucha gente los agujerea para sacar petróleo y poder venderlo.

    Y culturalmente, por lo visto, es un polvorín... no hará una semana, escuché una noticia sobre un enfrentamiento entre cristianos y musulmanes... así que espero que tengáis muchísima suerte, que salga todo genial... y que os podamos ver pronto por la tele :)))


    P.d.1: Comparto tu opinión de que Australia es un sitio genial. Sólo estuve una semana y por trabajo, pero la experiencia valió la pena. La "única" pega que le encontré es que, para volver, no pilla precisamente de paso :-p
    P.d.2: Como chulapo-gato-madrileño que soy, no puedo esperar a ver la Guía Pilot de la ciudad donde he vivido toda mi vida... Aunque no sé si la echarán por la tele... :\\

  2. Hello reporter,

    Wow, so you are a Spanish lady! Well, that's a surprise because that happens to be almost like what I am... except for the lady side of things.
    Yesterday, I happened to watch by chance "on La 2" your "Paris City Guide 2" documentary which I really enjoyed, but when it ended, I was both left puzzling over where Justin Shapiro might have ended up (seriously) and speculating about your nationality since you didn't strike as an English "chick" (I could say your English sounded pretty awesome, though).
    So today I've just entered the Pilot Guides website to finally find out both answers: it seems Justin is still around and did not ended up inside a crepe and... c'mon, right, you happen to be a northern Spaniard, just like me... Well, that's been quite an unexpected but really nice suprise.

    So, now, on your Nigeria trip. Should I give you any advice having never ever set foot in that country? I don't think so but I will. This is my two cents: if you end up finding yourself right in a hail of bullets, just try to follow the old classic "duck and cover" tip rather than pretend to be a reckless Capitán Alatriste. By doing so, surely you'll earn way more chances to keep on traveling and, thus, keep on shooting the world yourself with your camera. Of course, I don't know what the guide you'll end up reading might say about that issue because, well, I coud be wrong.

    In any case, I hope you all have a really enriching and exciting trip and that you make a great doc out of it.

    I wonder what the odds are of me watching your still unborn documentary by chance. But I guess that's usually one of the good things about... not knowing much.

    Good luck in the country
    and all the best around el globo,