Wednesday, 2 December 2009

I'm in London sitting in a cold hotel room. I came up for a day to record the voice over of my last Globe Trekker show in Turkey. I just had a look at an upcomig documentary trailer that some good friends of mine are producing. Not a happy story.

Check it out:

We've seen those images a million times on films. We've cried and shacked with so many films that tell a similar story. But this time it is different. Thit is real live. - This guy has big balls.


  1. Hey Adela,

    Good to know you're back at Globe Trekker! I´m looking forward to watching the new episode!

    Keep up the blog and the good job you do!

    Un fuerte abrazo desde Brasil, travel chick! :)


  2. Hi Adela,

    So excited that you have a blog now. Good luck with the travels and I look forward to your next episode.